05/2018Book Building Mixity! Cremorne 2025/37.83°S/144.993°E  about Cremorne and Melbourne's urban development available for sale, preview here
09/2017XPACE are invited speakers at the Design and Architecture Practice symposium [DAP_r
09/2017M. Jung students win Australian Institute of Architects 2017 students ideas competition
06/2017Our China projects, as part of the CRCWSC, received the Award for Excellence in Innovation
by the Minister for Science and Innovation in Canberra
03-04/2017XPACE +SWA & Monash exhibited at pop up shop and exhibition in Batemans Bay 
03/2017Batemans bay: public domain studio at Monash University
11/2016Sponge City article published in Inflection 03 - New Order, AADR Spurbuchverlag
10/2016M. Jung conference presentation at 9th AASA "Project to Practice: Innovating Architecture" 
10/2016M. Cassaignau + M. Jung: AASA 9th International Conference, Conference Proceedings_Papers
09/2016M. Cassaignau co-organizes conference Design Beyond Boundaries-Intersection of Architects & Engineers (MADA+LSAA)

M.Cassaignau invited to transdisciplinary 6th Innovative Summer Program at Southeast University Nanjing about Water Sensitive Urban Design for Xijin Ferry Historical Street, Zhenjiang

06/2016M. Jung is visiting critic at Melbourne Uni, Master Thesis: Kreuzberg Berlin Uni Residences
06/2016M. Jung is visiting critic at RMIT, Master Design Studio, Isabel Lasala: LineScapes
04/2016M. Jung speaks about Sponge Cities at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, China
12/2015web launch of transdisciplinary Sponge City project for Kunshan, China
11/2015M. Jung speaker at the international seminar "Water and Historical Cities", SEU Nanjing
10/2015Book launch "Perspectives on Architectural Design Research" featuring Cremorne2025
09/2015XPACE & SWA commissioned to review building heights of iconic Batemans Bay town centre
09/2015fieldtrip to Kunshan and Yangtze River Delta, China
08/2015M. Jung at water sensitive cities workshop, City of Canning AUS
07/2015M. Jung and M. Cassaignau commissioned for Kunshan Studio II in China
01/2015CREMORNE2025 featured on MoMA's Uneven Growth website
11/2014website launch Kunshan Studio China
11/2014CREMORNE2025 presented at the Venice Biennale: Design Research Symposium NZ-exhibition
09/2014Kunshan Studio presented at the Water Sensitive Cities Conference
08/2014field trip to Yangtze River Delta in China: Shanghai - Kunshan - Suzhou - Nanjing
07/2014M.Jung teaches Kunshan Studio in China, in collaboration with CRC Water Sensitive Cities
07/2014M.Cassaignau + M.Jung teach master class Hybrids
07/2014M.Cassaignau teaches 4th time the master course in climate-design
03/2014start CITYSPEAK! studio on hi-density housing
02/2014article The Melbourne Section in architect Victoria
02/2014Copper Fish is featured in Architecture Européenne
02/2014The Melbourne Section featured in SJB Cities Program 
02/2014website launch of territorial studio The Melbourne Section
11/2013GENEVA2020 featured in Book 'Designing cities' By Prof. Schenk, Birkhaeuser
10/2013article about CREMORNE2025 and PlanMelbourne in Urban Melbourne
09/2013XPACE present CREMORNE2025 at the 6th Urban Design Conference in Sydney
07/2013XPACE speak at the Community Forum on Fishermans Bend: The Future of Our inner Suburbs
06/2013Exhibition of the CREMORNE2025 urban design research at the blockprojects gallery
04/2013XPACE is moderator + presenter at 43 UAA in San Fransico: New Directions in Urban Planning
01/2013XPACE housing project featured in Architecture of Apartments in the World by Huazong University press
01/2013climate sensitive urban design strategies presented at On Sustainability Conference Japan
Final Reviews of CITYSPEAK! studio gridLock
10/2012M. Cassaignau is realising wine tasting spaces with Lizzie Hamer 
04/2012Copper Fish featured in Special Edition Zinc Copper of AMC le Moniteur
06/2012M.Cassaignau + J.Lee's students win children's choice Artplay award for cardboard pavillion
05/2012Cremorne 2025 event + exhibition
03/2012Article by M. Jung: 'CITYSPEAK! metaphor for cities with future' in trans 20 Relevanz
02/2012M. Cassaignau + M. Jung teach the advanced urban design studio CREMORNE2025
02/2012M. Jung's seminar Asia Pacific Dense Housing starts
12/2011Student Y. Hu, tutored by M. Cassaignau, receives CK DesignWorks Award:
Best Design Student 2nd year
12/2011Student C. Burke, tutored by M. Jung, receives Hayball Award: Best Design Student 4th year and the MGS Women in Architecture Prize
12/2011Copper Fish featured in Ditt Hus, Norway
11/2011M. Jung is guest critic at Marika Neustupny's studio at the RMIT Melbourne
08/2011Roentgenstrasse featured in BauNetz
07/2011design review of multi-storey housing Roentgenstrasse in hochparterre
07/2011M. Jung teaches the architecture design studio CITYSPEAK! at Monash University AUS
07/2011M. Cassaignau teaches the architecture design studio 'genius loci' at Monash University AUS
06/2011Copper Fish published in the New Home Extensions book
06/2011XPACE relocate to Melbourne Australia
06/2011ZHDK students build temporary pavilion at the Festival of Arts 2011, Zurich CH
05/2011APCd gallery Fribourg CH: exhibition + publication launch of 'temporary cardboard shelters
04/2011Multi-storey housing Roentgenstrasse completed, Zurich CH
09/2010 M. Jung is teaching at the MAS-Spatial Design at the ZHDK
8-11/2010XPACE sketches are exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2010
06/2010M. Jung's tutored diploma student D. Thijs is nominated by ETHZ for the Archiprix 2011
02/2010Luxembourg project selected for archithese Swiss Performance 10

M. Jung is guest critic at the MAS in Szenography at ZHDK


XPACE are workshop tutors at the joint master of architecture at the hes.so

09/2009 M. Cassaignau is appointed as professor at the university of applied sciences hes.so in Fribourg

construction site Multi-storey housing Roentgenstrasse started

07/2009house extension in Luxembourg is completed
2-4/2009 M. Cassaignau is guest critic at ETH for the student competition Hotel Hertenstein with Prof. Eichinger
06/2008XPACE lecture at the Bauhaus Kolleg, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
04/2008M. Jung is guest critic at Prof. Girot's DesignLab 'Landflow' at the NSL, ETHZ
01/2008XPACE lecture 'urban strategies' at the University of Liverpool
01/2008Workshop at the International Winter School, University of Liverpool: Multipli-Cities